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ϟ and get wet like an angel, derail.
shoot forth thunder.
27 Nov 2011 - 027.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)

download @ deviantart

ღ 6 Dusty Black & White Light Textures
ღ 1576x1055
ღ .PNG
ღ credit to curtained please (I take the time to drag my camera out to make them, you can take the time to credit ;p)
ღ enjoy!

*Had to change it to my DA account, since Box.net was being a douche. Sorry.
20 Oct 2011 - 026.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)

I've noticed this trend where somehow, anaglyph imaging became ~the thing to do in Photoshop. I haven't found another tutorial on it — likely since it's rather easy, and anyone who knows their program should know how to do this already. If you don't know simple actions such as opening files, I suggest you read that first, as this isn't in-depth :p

* No, I won't make a PSD as this is literally a few steps. Such comments will be deleted. *

With Two Images—Collapse )

With One Image—Collapse )
20 Oct 2011 - 025.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
Over the summer, my ex and I were big into I Love You Phillip Morris, and many graphics were created. Spoilers, if you haven't seen the movie.Collapse )

There's also some wallpapers I made for myself (pc and netbook-sized) as well as my ex, but I'm not sure if I'll post them or not. We'll see later.
20 Oct 2011 - 024.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)

I really have nothing else to do with my time than make stupid gifs and even worse collages of my favorite scenes.
16 Aug 2010 - 023.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
I've made an insane amount of things lately for my Tumblr (pro-tip: add eet, do eet nooow). Likely nothing anyone but me would be interested in but, go look anyway.

Because I like them, and I haven't actually made anything I've liked in quite a few months!

------- ✂-----------------------------------------------------Collapse )
06 Aug 2010 - 022.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
Tumblr things. (Note: I've recently become obsessed [yet again] with Denis Leary, and now his show Rescue Me. Expect a lot of that shit. Also moar Warcrack, as well.)

I also made myself a wallpaper, and a shit ton of icons over the last few months. Not sure whether or not I'll dump the latter here, but the wallpaper isn't so bad. It's huge.

------- ✂-----------------------------------------------------Collapse )
15 Feb 2010 - 021.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
FYI: I was too lazy to remove watermarks for the most part. This picspam is subtly Damon/Elena-centric and slightly rags on Stefan. Deal with it =p

Also, new layout/user info. Much love to fullonswayzeed for kicking my ass into gear so I would do this shit finally and stop abandoning my community.

7 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Vampire DiariesCollapse )
06 Nov 2009 - 020.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
I made some iPod Touch wallpapers for my iTouch a few weeks back, and figured I'd share. Who knows, maybe someone else thinks psychopathic!Misha is kind of hot. There's about ten or so, because I couldn't figure what coloring I liked best. Enjoy.

Death is nothing to be afraid of. Collapse )
15 Jun 2009 - 019.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
I must be on a roll or something. I made black and white cover art for my iTunes/iPod, since I was sick of my SPN playlist being full of random cover art and for some songs, no cover art at all. If anyone's interested, you can download all four: ---Collapse )
13 Feb 2009 - 017.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
This totally beats out the MBV wp I made (which I'll put up for download at some point). I can't help myself, it's what I'll be saying every time I turn on my monitor.


*If you need it shrunk down or something, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Keep in mind, my resolution is 1280x800 WS, so that's what it's at.

EDIT: Download fixed. Now points to my domain, with the full-size. Sorry I'm a goober.
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