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ϟ and get wet like an angel, derail.
shoot forth thunder.
18 Jan 2009 - 016.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)

download at deviantart

*Comments are love.
*Credit to curtained please.
*NOTE curtained--001.jpg and curtained--002.jpg are almost the same, save for one being lighter than the other. I didn't accidentially put in duplicates :]
16 Dec 2008 - 016.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
Haven't posted graphics in ages but here goes:

download at deviantART

-Sam/Ruby, 4x09 (spoilers), Supernatural
-1024x768 - 1280x800 - 1280x1024
-Comments are much appreciated ♥~


Also made a Blackberry wallpaper:

download at deviantART

ETA II; So under goingtoqueens's insistence, I've posted it to a few communities and now I'm sitting here going wtf, mis, wtf. I hate posting outside of my own journal, haha, but I'm laughing at myself too.
18 Aug 2008 - 015.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)


And one more set...Collapse )

—Credit for both sets goes to FFFOUND. Link back to curtained if you want, so others can find these. MORE TEXTURES
30 Jul 2008 - 014.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
I come offering one black and white halftone texture set (14 in the .rar), 1280x800 res. Don't use to make other textures; credit to ghosts or crossroadblues@deviantart. ♥

download .rar at deviantART
30 Jul 2008 - 012.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
Stark Industries wp, because I'm a big ol' nerd.

Stark Industries WP
by ~crossroadblues on deviantART

1280x800 only. I'm not remaking it, either.
Unless I've a damn good reason =p
Desktop use only please. Oh, and enjoy ;p
30 Jul 2008 - 011.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
6 RDJ desktop wallpapers; 1024x768 and 1280x800 only.
Textures from dearest, image from robertdowney_jr.



- - - - - - - - - -

MISC icons, they built up over the last few months, haha.
Save to your own image host/server. Don't hotlink or edit, thanks.
I'm not a credit Nazi, but claiming what isn't your isn't cool.

x7 Bedward, Jackson Rathbone, Cullen crest (Twilight)
x7 Summer/Seth, Seth (The O.C)
x8 Iron Man/RDJ
x9 SPN (*SPN finale possible spoiler)


Read more...Collapse )

ETA; Have to pick Rob up at the airport around 11a, and it's 2a. I am not tired, nor do I think I will fall asleep before then. Erm.
30 Jul 2008 - 010.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)

WP 050808 by ~crossroadblues on deviantART

Download the full version here.

(note; i should actually post here instead of in ghosts...)
23 Jan 2008 - 009.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
i'm sure, by now, everyone knows. so.
i made a tribute layout on my domain.
also, made two wallpapers based off of it.

preview and download link.Collapse )
29 Dec 2007 - 008.
▓  sick boy. (trainspotting)
I bring you, caps from episode 1x06 of Weeds - I don't have a fetish with JDM's nipples, nuuu. My LJ interests... THEY LIE! Yeah.. a link back to curtained if you use somewhere - so others can find them. Also, hot linking is bad (I'm using my own domain to host these - so please don't do it). They're undoctored, also.

Previews and download link.Collapse )
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